Why you should adopt your next pet & our story

I love animals and I grew up always having dogs. When my boyfriend (Nick) and I moved in together after college, his 2 year old cat (Bear) also became my new roommate. I never really liked cats but after living with Bear, I fell in love. She is so sweet and gentle. Nick and his college roommate got her off the street from a neighbor when a stray had a litter. She has never taken out her claws on a human and she is a bit of a scaredy-cat. She is so easy to have. She just sleeps and cuddles and occasionally plays fetch with a bottle cap. 🙂

Last year we adopted another cat and named him Ollie. We got him through Anjellicle Cats Rescue in NYC. Ollie was 6 months old when we adopted him. He lost his right eye when he was rescued off the kill list as a 3 month old kitty to some kind of infection. Ollie quickly became the dominant pet and is a bit of an odd-ball. While Bear is so easy-going and quiet (half the time I need to check that she is still here), Ollie talks a lot and follows us around. He soon learned how to open the bedroom and bathroom doors in our house. He craves attention and he is the exact opposite of Bear in that he is very adventurous and will wear anything around his necl (bowties!). Sometimes he would bully Bear by chasing her so we had to keep an eye on him. But now his mischievousness nature is pre-occupied with another: our new adopted dog.

We recently “foster-failed” Willy. We had filled out numerous applications for dogs at adoption agencies. We were already approved for a few local ones in NYC. We decided to go to an adoption event to just look at some of the dogs. We had went to one before where we were basically directed to fill out an application before doing anything. The process, at least in NYC, is to get your application in, then look at the dogs. We were at this adoption event, TO PURELY LOOK. We were going to LA for a long weekend and didn’t want to commit to a dog yet. The event was held in the basement of a pet store. The adoption agency, In Our Hands Rescue, does not have a shelter. It has a system of foster parents that foster the rescue dogs. They have weekly events where foster parents bring the dogs to. At this event, there was about ten dogs ranging from babies to a few years old. It was a bit chaotic, all the dogs were running around in one room. There was a beautiful and friendly pit bull mix that kept getting aggravated by all the younger dogs. She was so sweet to humans but it was obvious she was irritated by other dogs. My heart broke for her since she had been hit in the head with a 2 by 4 and had a large gash in her skull and a blurry red eye. I would have taken her in a heartbeat if I didn’t think she would have issues with our cats, the same way she had with the dogs. I can’t believe how evil a person could be to do that to an innocent animal. Thank God organizations exist that help these poor babies.

We were having a great time with all the lovely babies and Nick pointed to one that seemed to be getting along really well with all the other dogs. The dog was also letting us pick him up and he was so chill and relaxed. He just kept giving us kisses.

We asked one of the volunteers if we could speak to this dog’s foster parent. The volunteer let us know that the foster parent actually just left for a trip so he needs a new one. We then decided to take him, at least for the week, and we’d have Nick’s brother watch him when we were in LA. We already had an approved application with this agency so they let us take him after checking.

Honestly that same night, we decided to keep him. His personality was perfect for our home. He tried to play with Ollie and Bear but would just give up when they hissed at him. He didn’t attack them or try to chase him. He is only about 6-8 months and was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Miami. They think he is part Chihuahua, part Whippet and we love him. He is about 15lbs so a great size for an apartment. We named him William (Willy) and gave him the name Carlos as his middle name. He’s almost fully potty-trained and he is so friendly. He says hi to all the dogs and all the people in the dog park and loves to run and play. He loves belly rubs and he is slowly bonding with Ollie. Bear is a little scared of him so she avoids him. But Ollie will sleep right by him and even play with him.


He is an amazing addition to our family and makes our home all the more sweeter.  I know not all dogs so seamlessly transition to a new home. We are SO lucky. But I can’t even imagine this little guy being in a kill shelter. He has brought nothing but happiness, joy, and love to our lives and it has only been a few short weeks. All of our pets were rescued in some way and I feel like they have made my life infinitely better. I look forward to coming home to be with them and I feel their love the instant I wake up and see them.

I know you can get the same love from buying a pet but I urge you to visit the adoption events or shelters before you choose to do so. There are so many amazing animals that have had it rough and deserve nothing but all the happiness you can give. Everyone says how lucky rescue animals are to find their “forever home” but the lucky ones are actually the owners.

Anyways, now I am a crazy cat lady and could probably have 4 more dogs if I didn’t live in a 1 bedroom apartment. I think I will always turn to adoption first when looking for a pet and I am so thankful for the babies in my life. 20170214_221839.jpg




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