If you love them, buy them a roach.

img_20170214_190409_648The Bronx Zoo had a great Valentines Day campaign going on the past few months: you could name a Madagascar hissing cockroach after someone for a small donation to the zoo. Seeing as I thought it was hilarious, love the zoo, and Nick and I both met in the Bronx at college, it seemed only natural to give him the gift a cockroach named after him for Valentines Day. I guess I am a romantic…

[Link here]

I donated to the zoo and in return I received a plush img_20170214_190659_623cockroach and pretty card explaining the naming of our newest family member, Nick Junior, in a rather funny way (ie, “hissing together”). I was able to write a little blurb to him (Nick, not Nick Jr.) as well. Please disregard the one year. I originally googled the life span of cockroaches and saw one year but Madagascar hissing cockroaches can live up to five years!

The recipient of the roach can also go online and say thanks by sending funny e-cards. All in all, I think this was a spectacular marketing campaign. I, personally, thought it was a funny gift and Nick seemed to think so too. Happy Valentines day to my few readers out there. Love to you all!





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