How to make a burrito costume for about $10

20170129_144852 20170129_144821

I wanted to be  a burrito for my work party. I already had my Halloween costume but I wanted a different one for work. I decided to make one and did so for about $10! See below for a step-by-step guide on how to make one for yourself.

Please note, I did not include the cost of tools such as scissors and glue gun in my pricing as I already had these items. I wish I got more photos of the step-by-step process but I made it the night before the work party and it took about an hour or so.

Supplies Needed:

  • Old tee shirt preferably green or brown: $0
  • Glue Gun: $0 (if you already have one like me)
  • Scissors: $0 (if you already have a pair)
  • Felt sheets (15 cents each at my local craft store): $2.50
  • Tan Pillowcase, found here: 2 for $4
  • Chipotle logo print out: $0
  • Safety Pin: $0
  • Space Blanket, found here: $2 + $4.20 shipping cost



  1. Cut your felt into various burrito ingredients. I cut strips of greens for lettuce, some brown squares for meet, some small red rectangles for pico de gallo, and yellow small strips for cheese… Be creative and do what you want.
  2. Cut your pillowcase open on the side that is closed so that it is open on both ends.
  3. Glue gun one side of the open pillow case to the mid-top of your teeshirt. This will be your burrito. You may need to cut the bottom so it is not too tight on you when you wear it. No worries at all as the bottom will eventually be covered.                                                    20170129_144742
  4. Glue the felt burrito ingredients to your teeshirt on the area above the top of the pillowcase. It is important to layer them and not glue some pieces entirely down. For example, I only glued my “lettuce” from the bottom so that they would hang down (see pics).
  5. Once you are done glueing your tee, put it on and take out your space blanket.
  6. Wrap the space blanket around your lower half so that the top of your “burrito wrap” pillowcase is showing. This is the foil that a burrito comes with. I secured mine with a safety pin.
  7. Optional, print out a logo from Chipotle or your favorite burrito place and tape it on to the space blanket.

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