Homemade bathroom cleaner


I have two cats and my cat Ollie loves to get in the tub after we shower and lick the tub. This made me nervous because I usually clean my bathroom with bleach. So I decided to look into more natural bathroom products. I went through a few store-bought natural cleaners that didn’t work that well. I really need a clean bathroom, especially my shower. It is the one thing that I am OCD about. The place I get clean, needs to be clean! I did some more research on products and actually read a lot of positive reviews about a homemade cleaner. Since I had the ingredients available, I decided to give it a try and was very satisfied with the results. Finally, I found a homemade cleaner you can make with just a few ingredients that ACTUALLY works.

I found it here and honestly, I followed the directions loosely. AKA: I didn’t heat the vinegar. But it still works so well. I highly recommend. The ingredients are so simple. All the solution is made of is white vinegar and Dawn dish soap.

It took off all my soap scum, some of which has been in the tub since a few cleans ago. The only down side I can see is that your bathroom smells of vinegar. But that does’t bother me one bit. I took a video of it taking of it working in action since I was honestly so amazed. I hope you can see it removing the soap scum. Sorry for the  quality if not. It literally looks so easy but I promise you I have used natural store-bought cleaners that only scraped the surface of that soap scum.

Watch the Video Here

In the video, I am using the ScrubDaddy Sponge which I also highly recommend. The sponges come in 4 different colors so you don’t cross-contaminate. The blue sponge is for the bathroom, although I am using the orange one since my blue one is MIA and I hadn’t used the orange one yet. (I am moving in a week and my stuff is in boxes…) The Scrubdaddy sponge is two sided and the harder side is great for getting rid of the soap scum that accumulates in your tub. It is also scratch-resistant so you do not need to worry about how hard you scrub. You can buy the sponges here. I also use the sponges in my kitchen and to clean my outdoor furniture.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a fabulous day!




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