Organizing your space

Organization is key especially for smaller spaces. I live in an apartment in NY so I really need good organization tips. Before organizing your items, you should go through them and see what you really need. If it is nothing special and you haven’t used it in 6 months- 1 year, throw it out, donate it, or give it to a friend. I recently did this in my bathroom and found loads of free samples I’ll never use and almost-empty shampoo bottles. I thew out some items and also put some items aside for friends or family that I know would actually use them. For example, all the lipsticks I have bought that I never wear went to my sisters who actually wear lipstick regularly.

Once you do a clean sweep on your items, there are loads of more efficient ways to store them that free up space and make your life easier. Here are some storage solutions I use and highly recommend. As well as some others I have recently found and plan on using when I move to my new apartment next week!

Beer Hangers


These magnetic beer hangers can be found here and are something guests always ask about when they open my fridge. The magnetic strips hold your beers securely and allow for food to be stored underneath them.

Fridge Organizers



These things really help!  I know most fridges come with compartments for storage of specific types of food but you can go a step further. These help compartmentalize everything and allow for easier viewing of the content of your fridge. These really help you not let food go to waste. I can’t tell you how many times the large milk container and 2L soda bottles are blocking a bag of spinach or my leftovers from yesterday’s lunch and I forget about them. Then one day my fridge smells and I move some things around, only to find my food has gone bad because it was hidden out of site. Find them here and here.

Under Bed Storage


There is so much unused space under our freaken beds! And storage is needed or else things seem to disappear under there into a black hole! Plastic bins like these help so much. These pull out as drawers and are great for storing winter clothes during the summertime, shoes, purses, or items that you don’t wear regularly. I currently use plastic bins under my bed to hold my off-season shoes and clothes.

Bathroom Jars


Glass jars for the bathroom are something on my list for my new apartment. They make your bathroom look elegant and also serve a purpose. I am constantly looking under my sink for my eye makeup cotton pads and they are always spilling out of the bag and everywhere. I want storage for the items I use every day and storing them in glass jars gives your bathroom that “hotel-look”. Find them here.

Iris Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit


Finding this was the inspiration for this post. I NEED this for my new apartment. Right now our dry cat food is in one small container in the kitchen and a big bag in the closet. The wet food cans are in a drawer in my kitchen with other canned foods. It would be great to have everything together and easy to get to. I am definitely purchasing the Iris kit, found here. I love that it is on wheels and comes in different colors. I plan on putting this in my  kitchen closet and wheeling it out when I need to refill their food bowl or feed them breakfast and dinner.


Thanks for reading. I hope you liked my post. Have a fabulous day!


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