Make Up Eraser Review

I used to use Neutrogena Make Up Remover Wipes to take off my make up but over the past year, my skin changed and I developed an allergic reaction to the wipes. I now only use them to fix my crooked eyeliner. I moved on to the Neutrogena Oil Free Make Up Remover and cotton pads. Then I heard about the Make Up Eraser. I watched some YouTube review videos and was really intrigued. The Make Up Eraser is simply a small towel that is chemical-free and claims to take off your make up with just water.

Last week while waiting on line at Sephora, I spotted it and quickly grabbed it. It was only $19.99 and the box claims it lasts up to one thousand washes. I rushed home to try it out. The directions first ask you to wash the cloth on gentle and dry on tumble-dry low. I think it is very important to do this as I have read negative reviews where people said the Make Up Eraser leaves pieces of cloth on their face. Often when I get a new towel, I have to wash it first or else that happens to me.

I used it to take off my waterproof eyeliner and mascara that I usually wear and it worked! You just wet it with warm water and scrub your make up away. The other side of the cloth can be used to exfoliate. I took some photos below. Excuse the lighting… like I said, I was excited to use this so I opened it when I was home later that night…





I shot a quick video of me taking off my waterproof eye make up and Bare Minerals foundation. The cloth is really gentle even though it looks like I am pulling my skin in every which way. I wetted the cloth with warm water and started rubbing off my make up.

Make Up Eraser Quick Video

Bottom line: I’d encourage you to purchase the Make Up Eraser. I use it every night before bed to gently take off my make up. I wear a lot of waterproof make up and I sometimes still wake up with black under my eyes. I could use the Make Up Eraser to get this off but it is quicker and easier for me to use my Neutrogena make up remover. That being said, I feel like the Make Up Eraser is good for every night use. The Make Up Eraser definitely takes off enough of your make up to go to bed happy and you will definitely be using A LOT less of any other make up remover you may have. It is also a lot better for your skin!






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