Affordable Ways to Relax the Mind & Body during the Winter

It is kind of hard to write this post since it is so beautiful outside in NY today. Spring is definitely right around the corner but the ever-changing weather we have been having reminds us that is it still winter. And during winter time, we spend almost all of our time indoors. The days get dark early, it is cold, and sometimes that can bring on the “winter blues.” But there are many ways to relax both your mind and body during the winter months to allow for a positive outlook on the cold days ahead. You don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars at the spa!


Exercise honestly does make you feel good. As someone who suffers from anxiety, exercise is my go-to aid. Going to the gym, even for just a quick half-hour, not only makes my body feel good but I am also just generally happier when I am working out regularly. I really find it relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, during my workouts I am counting down the seconds until I can leave the gym but it is the after-effect that I love. I feel a spurt of energy and I am proud that I got off my butt and went. I also sleep better the nights that I exercise.

I think it is better to walk into the gym with a plan so I use various guides for workouts.  Exercise guides I use:

Anna Victoria FIT

Kayla Itsines

Alexa Jean Fitness


These workouts are all downloads so I actually put some of them in my own binders after printing them. It keeps them organized.

Essential Oils

A friend of mine recently bought me an essential oil diffuser and I am pretty obsessed with it. I am basically buying them for everyone I know. Not only can its scent replace constantly  having to burn candles, but it is extremely relaxing. I purchased some oils off of Amazon and use the different oils (like lavender) for calming down before bed. I like to put eucalyptus in it during the day and I swear my apartment smells like a spa now. All you do is fill it up with water and put a few drops in and turn it on. Mine even changes colors.

Diffuser: $23.68 ForPro Harmony Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Essential Oils: $14.99 Peace & Harmony Blends Set 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Kit – 3/10mL (Love, Hope, and Zen)



Everyone loves bubble baths but they are especially good for dry winter skin. Like many people, I love the bath bombs from Lush. Sex Bomb is one of my favorites. It has Soya milk in it which makes your skin smooth. Just throw it in your bath and soak. The Avobath Bomb is made with real avocados so it is a great moisturizer. Lush bath bombs range from about $3-$9.


Face Masks

Sometimes it is just nice to sit on the couch looking like a crazy person with mud on your face. I love face masks. I’ve used the sheet masks from Sephora and more expensive mask lotions but right now I am really into this cheap face mask you can find at CVS. I see a dermatologist and use Onexton on my face so my skin can be sensitive to certain lotions. However, these CVS masks make my skin feel great and I -personally- have had no irritation after using them. They are the kind of face masks that you wash off once they dry. My favorite is the Avocado Oatmeal. A full bottle is like $6.99 at my local CVS. You can also buy the individual sample packs to see what you like.


It appears the actual bottle is way cheaper online than in my local NYC CVS- Buy it here.


Reading can take you anywhere. I used to read constantly as a kid. Now that I have work, weekend plans, and Netflix, I found myself reading a lot less. My commute to work is only 20 minutes and I usually listen to podcasts. So I have been trying to make the effort to set aside time for reading more. All you need to do is read one good book to remember the amazing feeling reading brings. It is so satisfying to finish a good story. It is also relaxing as you are able to escape the daily stresses of your own life to be taken somewhere else. Even if you didn’t have a stressful day at work or school, reading for an hour a night is so rewarding. It is just a different form of entertainment than binge watching TV.


I love tea. I have always loved tea but now I have taken it to a whole other level. I used to just drink Irish or English Breakfast Tea. Now, I am trying teas I normally never would have. Oddly enough, my non-tea drinking boyfriend got me into David’s Tea. They have David’s Tea at his office and he started drinking it as a coffee alternative. David’s Tea is loose leaf tea and they have hundreds of flavors. You can buy a strainer and make it or just scoop it into tea bags. We started off buying the David’s Top 12 Sampler. It is their 12 most popular teas. The box comes with 12 tins and each tin makes about 2-3 cups of hot tea or 1 cup of iced tea. Like a box of chocolates, the names and information of each tea is on the inside lid of the box. Honestly, they are all delicious. There are flavors like “Birthday Cake” and “Chocolate Macaroon.” And there are some great teas for winter like “Detox” and “Cold 911.” My favorite is actually “Forever Nuts.” I thought that would be my least favorite as I really don’t like the taste of nuts but its so good!

Buy it here for $26 (that gives you around 36 cups of hot tea!)




Birthday Cake tea — with actual sprinkles!


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