Photo Swap: Creepy and Cheap Halloween Decoration

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love all things spooky. I am having another Halloween party this year and I am actually only about 50% done decorating but I am trying hard to stay within a budget as well as decorate a little bit differently than last year.

I plan on posting more about my decorating DIY’s but I wanted to take the time now to write about an INSANELY easy and CHEAP Halloween decoration. All you need is a printer and whatever is currently framed on your walls.

Just look for some creepy images and print them out to the same size as your picture frames and replace your photos.

We took our Game of Thrones framed prints and swapped them with the creepiest pictures I could find on the internet The result is an inexpensive wall of scares. 20151021_142732 20151021_142739