Love is in the Air

What anti-Valentines Day folks seem to misunderstand is that Valentines Day is about the celebration of love in general. It doesn’t just mean the love of a person and their significant other… Much like love itself, Valentines Day doesn’t discriminate. Valentines Day is also a time to remember the family, the friends, the co-workers, the pets…. etc. that you care for. So go ahead and make a pretty pink card, indulge in chocolates, and smell all the flowers you want regardless of whether or not you’re in a relationship…

Here are a few gift ideas for the lovers in your life!

For the Star Wars nerds in your life…

Because we all know one of those… $28


For the one you love the shit out of… 

Don’t even bother with a card, just give them this filled with their favorite drink. $10


For the feminist… and food lover….

This hilarious pillow is the perfect gift for someone who believes in equality among the sexes and enjoys microwaveable snacks. $25


For the Tolkien lover who likes to snuggle…

Get them this poly-fleece blend blanket to curl up with on cold winter nights… And remind them that the value is in the journey, not the destination… $45


For your best bitches…

When we were younger, we handed Valentines out to all the kids in our class… Why forget our friends on Valentines Day now? Give the gift of a friendship necklace to those who give you a shoulder to cry on when someone else breaks your heart… $18il_570xN.555743208_9ey7

For your loved one who likes to be clean and comfy…

Let them relax and dust the floor at the same time in these cozy micro-fiber cleaning slippers. $14.66


For anyone…

Everyone can use a nice pair of socks! Not only are Bomba’s comfortable and well made but they also continue the gift of giving. For every pair of socks you buy, Bomba’s donates a pair to those in need. Like I said… EVERYONE needs socks especially those that are less fortunate. $9 and upshop-ankle-socks-banner_hover


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