Give the Gift of Art

For Christmas, I wanted to give my boyfriend some art. But since I had gotten him other gifts and he is one of those kids that was birthed in December, I wanted to find something for cheap. I searched for artsy representations of the Lord of the Rings since he is a huge fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. I ended up finding these amazing paper cut cards for $7 each made by Etsy user ParadisePapercraft. 

I could not possibly choose between the Hobbit card and the LOTR card so I went Gatsby and bought them both. The Etsy user was very pleasant to work with. I was afraid the cards wouldn’t arrive before my boyfriend’s birthday and Christmas but ParadisePapercraft helped get them to me ASAP. I wrote a sweet little note in each and found a double 5 by 7 inch matted frame on for $20.

And voila….


For about $25, I gave (in my opinion) an amazing and creative gift of art. We put the cards in the frame and hung it in our apartment and it looks oh so preeeeccciiouuusss…



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