DIY Alcohol Gifts for your Drinking Friends

Most of us 20-somethings have skewed priorities. We’d rather eat ramen noodles and save our money for blow bars, fitness classes, and going out and drinking. When it comes to the holidays, we all realize we need to get our friends gifts but we still need to pay rent. A great solution to this is to give our friends what they really want: alcohol! But don’t just slap a red ribbon on a $13 bottle of Chateau Diana, make them a cute DIY so that they see the thought and creativity you put into their gift.

Here are some ideas below.


Infusing vodka appears to be a lot easier than I thought… according to Betty Crocker. Add berries, spices, candies… etc to some vodka in a mason jar. Let is sit for a few days. Then gift it to a friend with a tag on it that explains the ingredients and how it should be sifted when ready to drink. Viola. Cute gift. Yummy gift. So easy, even I can do it.


Homemade Baileys!

For those of you with slightly more ingredients in your kitchen, the blog, The Cupcake Project, has a delicious recipe for homemade Irish Cream. Bottle it in another mason jar (you know those things are hot right now) and attach a holiday card and ribbon. Click on the image below to get the recipe. If you are like me and only have the ingredients to make a killer Eggo waffle in your kitchen, you could always just pour some Baileys in a jar and make your friends believe you are the Martha Stewart of alcohol.


For the Italianos!

Confessions of a Foodie blog has an excellent recipe for homemade limoncello. It looks pretty, tastes great, and is the perfect gift for your “I studied abroad in Italy” friend. Most of all, the ingredients are pretty cheap. The only alcohol you need to buy is Everclear (throwback to college). Click the picture for the recipe link.


Some Like it Hot!

This Spicy Bloody Mary DIY is a gift of the ingredients needed to make a bangin’ bloody mary. Click on the image to get the recipe. It even includes a directions tag you can download and attach to your gift. This is a great gift for your friends who don’t mind a little spice.


Easiest DIY Alcohol Ever 

This is by far my favorite gift. It is legitimately SO easy to make. All it requires is pouring the contents of a hot chocolate package into a jar and adding marshmallows. Then merely tying a small bottle of Baileys to the top with a decorative ribbon. If your hands are not cramping by then, you can also add a holiday gift tag. Simple and delicious. Who doesn’t want a spiked hot cocoa in these winter months?


Drunk Harry Potter

Everyone loves Harry Potter, right? This mother made the coolest DIY potions box out of an old Lands End box and stickers for her son and niece. It would be a great gift for the muggles in your life if you just switched out the potions with alcohol. Get creative… Perhaps the different potions are various infused vodkas?



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