Aha ZARA Home exists? I guess I live under a rock but I didn’t know they had such an extensive home line. Their products are pretty reasonably priced and their inventory is way more extensive than I would have thought. After scouring their website, I found some pretty cool items like candles I’d kill anyone who lit and what they call “occasional furniture” that are just plain beautiful. See my faves below… This might as well be called a “Wish List” because I want them all!


“Occasional Furniture”… OPENWORK WOODEN TABLES (SET OF 2) starting $189


How cool is this placemat!? $16.90 PALM PLACE MAT


Oh my god I would kill you if you lit this candle. This is not a candle! This is art! BEAR AND FEATHER CANDLE $25.90


How unique? What a creative way to design rather mundane objects? EAGLE AND WOLF BATHROOM SET $ 9.90- $ 19.90


The coolest eye mask I ever did see. PLUSH EYE MASK $16.90


These towels are so unique with their cute little colored pom poms… JACQUARD POMPOMS TOWEL $ 6.90- $ 39.90


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