Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love all things spooky…. horror movies, scary stories, haunted houses… you name it. I knew I needed to have a Halloween party this year and I felt intense pressure to make my apartment look as creepy as I possibly could. I think this year was a good START for me but I know I can do better! See below for some of the DIY’s I did for the sake of my wallet…

We obviously purchased two huge bags of fake spider webs and draped it over our furniture and hung some from the ceiling. (Cost $4 a bag)

I had a stack of black construction paper in my art box and made various size construction paper bats. I wanted them to look like they were flying into the distance so I made sure to put the smallest ones on the ceiling to attempt to create that illusion. Cost: $0.00 (Already owned paper)




Next, I took the black construction paper and made creepy hands to come out from behind the couch. I just added nails and hook fingers to some and made others regular … or as regular as I could draw… hands. Cost: $0.00 (Already owned paper)


I then replaced our Game of Thrones Etsy art with creepy pictures from the internet. I literally googled things like “Victorian Halloween Costumes” and “Creepy Pictures.” Cost: A smidge of printer ink


eBay provided me with 30 feet of cheese cloth for the couch in the living room. Cost: $14.00. I found some additional creepy cloth at Party City. Cost: $13.00. I just draped them over our couch. You could easily just use some extra white sheets you may have in storage. We replaced our lamp with a $4 black light from Party City. I also bought a black plastic table cloth at Party city for 99 cents. I ripped it in half and used part of it to cover our coffee table chest. The other half I used in our bedroom… mentioned later. Lastly, I purchased 24 red LED lights off ebay for $24 including shipping. I arranged some of them in a circle on the covered coffee table but later in the night someone at our Halloween party had re-arranged them into an upside down cross. WAY better idea! 1901644_10202651465543262_3882827178402444598_n  10356714_10202651487983823_1121052997619317153_n 150115_10202651488223829_2439781122247106860_n

I used some leftover cheesecloth to drape some furniture and purchased $8.00 blood splatter plastic cups from Party City’s website.


I took the other half of the black plastic table cloth and used white charcoal to draw a pentagram with some made up Latin and evil symbols on it. I placed that on our bed. I originally wanted to draw or paint this onto a sheet but I didn’t get a sheet in time so I improvised. I put some of the remaining red LED candles on it. Pentagrams are pretty challenging to get right when you have less than an hour before people arrive.. Don’t judge.

544948_10202701960485604_7834403540950312305_n 10689817_10202701960605607_7677384558657354111_n

My mom had lent me this 6 foot tall creepy victorian lady prop she had which was being held up by the floor light post in our bedroom. I took an old black scarf and draped it over our bedside table and put some more red LED lights on it. I used some fake cob webs on our dresser and what really made the bedroom was what my tech-y boyfriend did… My original idea was to just turn the TV on to a static channel… I figured our room would be dark since the floor lamp was essentially being used to hold up the Victorian lady and we wanted it to have some sort of light source. But he decided to hook up his laptop to the TV and play this creepy GIF on repeat of a woman crouching in the fetal position in what looks like a mental hospital rocking back and forth. It was awesome.

10600669_10202651465503261_3304148309140530342_n 10628047_10202651462983198_4482809151720227674_n

10675634_10202651461223154_95574796849995766_n 1012085_10202651461263155_5313790572846178678_n

We had a couple other creepy decorations bothered from my mom’s house (she loves Halloween as much as I) but honestly the hardest thing I did was make a dead body. I thought it would be simple… just garbage bags stuffed with newspapers and duct taped into a body shape… But it actually is a little more work than you may think getting it proportionate… especially after a lot of pinot. Cost $3.00 for a small box of black garbage bags in NYC.


I bought a bloody shower curtain off the Party City website. Cost $5.99. I also purchased caution tape for $3 that we wrapped around the bathroom door. We then put the “dead body” in the shower. We spent a few days throwing it in and out of the tub while we showered. The night of the party, my boyfriend and I decided to spray each other with blood in the bathtub. I was a killer prom queen and he was my date. The blood spatter looked pretty good against the body so we just left it and added more. All our guests LOVED the bathroom setup.

1477945_10202701960285599_1736237698472422517_n 10256836_10202651461303156_310822327630397296_n 1975128_10202651488463835_67229806356840469_n

All in all, we had a fabulous Halloween party. I think I am off to a good start with my Halloween decorating and DIY but I KNOW I can do creepier and gorier next year! Until then…


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