Take a GD BATH

The weather is getting cooler, I am a little hung over, and it’s Monday. Enough said.

All I can do is think about what I would rather be doing and that includes taking a luxurious bath with a nice glass of wine. And since my bathroom is currently a mess and I can’t possibly imagine soaking in my dirty bathtub right now, I scoured the internet in search of some bathroom necessities. Here are some of my favorite finds…

I know Anthropologie shower curtains are $$$ but I really think they are so beautiful. This one is so pretty and I love the blue.

Jardin Des Plantes Shower Curtain $108.00

Jardin Des Plantes Shower Curtain

I seriously do not understand how I do not own one of these already. Maybe it is because I am waiting for one that doesn’t just hold a glass of wine, but a bottle. Anyways, you can’t see it in the photo but this bath caddy has a wine holder as well as a candle holder…


Taymor Aromatheraphy Bathtub Caddy $38.50

Faux flowers are necessary because real flowers are expensive and then they die. You need to put a little cash down to spend on good faux flowers because you also don’t want to appear too cheap to buy good faux flowers. Make sense? Probably not. Anyways these are nice and clean looking.


Faux Allium $56.95

These Anthropologie towels just look so luxurious and comfortable. I just want to take a nice warm bath and then be wrapped in these pretty things…


Woven Ombre Towel Collection $8-36

A cheap and cute little bathroom sign is always a great addition. You can purchase and download the below writing from Etsy. Then just buy a cheap frame at TJ Max and voila, you’re potty room looks like a 4 star hotel WC.


Bathroom Wall Art Print $5

Lastly, what is a bath without LUSH bath bombs. I remember wandering into my first LUSH store when I was living in Dublin for a semester in college. I fell so in love with LUSH products, I spent some of my alcohol money on bath bombs when I didn’t even live in an apartment with a bath. I just wanted to smell them.


LUSH Bath Bombs


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