I have created this blog for many reasons. One is because home design is something I enjoy and have always enjoyed. As lame as it sounds, I have been watching HGTV with my mother since as long as I can remember. As a child, I searched through stacks of old photos, china, and jewelry in antiques stores. I loved learning about antiques and how to take care of them. I graduated with a BA in Art History and did nothing with it but work in the account side of advertising. So, it is nice to have a place to channel my creative side. Another reason I have started this blog is to capture the numerous items I see on Instagram, Etsy, high-end furniture sites, and in the stores I pass by on the way to work. I figure since I can’t afford all these wonderful things nor do I have room for them in my small apartment, I can at least house them here. Lastly, my goal is to give as much detail about a piece as I can and by detail I mean price, where you can purchase it… etc. More than a few times, I have found art on tumblr with 1,000,000+ reblogs and no source to who made it and where I can get it.

I hope you enjoy.


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